St. Vincent’s licks

Annie Clark (St. Vincent) is a really excellent guitarist. I love her characteristic weird little atonal riffs that she uses as a kind of signature on her songs. She gives away some amazing little secrets here.

I love it when she says “…because of science and physics…”. I’m going to use this every time I want to explain something.

Blood sister

blood sister

Blood Sister are a band from San Francisco, made up of two other bands I’ve never heard of – Night Manager and Ganglions. They had two tracks available about 3 months ago ‘Why Would You’ and ‘BART SIMPSON’. Today you can get another 2, ‘Not a Resident’ and ‘Psychic Flashes’ from their Bandcamp page. They use pop culture imagery from the 80s and 90s but their music is mostly very harsh arpeggiated guitars and distorted vocals with lots and lots and lots of reverb and delay. They have a pretty unique vibe. Brilliant stuff.

Their tumblr is brilliant.


I’ve really been amazed by Sara Kermanshahi AKA Natureboy since she put up her music on SoundCloud about 6 months. Her music has something desolate and fragile about it. It’s very stripped back except for lots of dreamy reverb. Pariah was the track that really had me, which I love for its use of the word ‘copacetic’ (I think!). The whole thing I imagine to have been recorded in a weekend on borrowed gear. Perfect.

She also had a track out more recently called LEXIES, which was a bit more polished but still beautiful.

Natureboy’s new album The Sweep is out July 23rd. Here’s a video for Blow to the Head.