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St. Vincent’s licks

Annie Clark (St. Vincent) is a really excellent guitarist. I love her characteristic weird little atonal riffs that she uses as a kind of signature on her songs. She gives away some amazing little secrets here.

I love it when she says “…because of science and physics…”. I’m going to use this every time I want to explain something.


I’ve really been amazed by Sara Kermanshahi AKA Natureboy since she put up her music on SoundCloud about 6 months. Her music has something desolate and fragile about it. It’s very stripped back except for lots of dreamy reverb. Pariah was the track that really had me, which I love for its use of the word ‘copacetic’ (I think!). The whole thing I imagine to have been recorded in a weekend on borrowed gear. Perfect.

She also had a track out more recently called LEXIES, which was a bit more polished but still beautiful.

Natureboy’s new album The Sweep is out July 23rd. Here’s a video for Blow to the Head.